"Do You Need Prayer?"

Everyone at The Christian Radio Cafe is committed
to lifting up our fellow brothers and sisters in prayer.

Please join us in holding up the following people in prayer:

Schalk, 36, South Africa

Prayer Request:

"Hi, my name is Schalk and my wife's name is Adri. She has left me and my
 21 months old baby Juan for another married man. please pray for her
 to come back to me. She has lost her job and her boyfriend has left his
 job as well. I don't know her living conditions at the moment and I'm am
 very concerned and I love her very very very much. please help me."


Thomas, 47, TX

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for my marriage.  My wife and I are separated, and I am asking everyone I can to please
 pray against Satan and his emissaries who have invaded our relationship
 and are trying to destroy what God definitely put together seven years
 ago.  If Satan isnít cast down, the marriage will be.  This is critical,
 and I appreciate your prayers."

Filiberto, California

Prayer Request:

"Pray whenever gang members, drug addicts, drug dealers or demons goes
 within 500 yards of Lorraine's house the gang members, drug addicts, drug
 dealers and demons will feel unbearable discomfort that gets worse with
 every passing second when within 500 yards of Lorraine house.  Pray the
 discomfort only goes away when they are more than 500 yards away from
 Lorraine's house."

Sarah, 32

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for the salvation of an elderly Jewish man whose well being
 has been on my heart for some time.  His name is Leonard, and I want
 him to know Jesus.  Please ask the Lord to give Leonard a hunger in his
 heart for Him. 
"Please ask for a witness--someone who he'll listen to. I know that
 people of the Jewish faith are the hardest to witness to, and he'll have a
 lot of questions.  Please ask God to provide someone who can answer
 them and show him the prophecies that foretold Jesus.  Please ask the Lord
 to show him that He is the Messiah, and that He loves him.  Please ask
 the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to open Leonard's eyes & heart, and
 that through this; Jesus Christ can draw Leonard toward an eternal
 relationship with Him.  Thanks and God bless."

, Bethel Park, PA
Prayer Request:

"Please pray for my sister Elaine who had a muscle graft to repair her
 esophagus last week. She is having terrible diarrhea from the feedings
 she must receive through a tube in her stomach. Please pray for the
 graft to heal the hole in her throat so she may be able to eat again. It
 has been three months and four surgeries so she is very depressed and
 angry.  Bless you."

JJ, 43, Georgia

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for a special relationship to be restored. The Lord knows
 all  about it. Pray that He will work in Diane's heart and soften it.
 She has allowed her heart to get hard.  Thanks"

 Hannah, 34, Washington, IN

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for my nephew, Timmy and surgery this morning for two
 fingers that were severed by a saw.  He is 17 yo. Please pray for a
 successful surgery with no complications. Also pray for my son Nick, 13 yo who
 blames himself because he was holding the metal bar that his cousin was
 trying to saw."
 Phil, 35, Torrance, Ca

Prayer Request:

"Pray it's GOD's will for my soulmate to enter my life now, I'm 35 and
 never had a girlfriend.  Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous
 in GOD's eyes, that GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now, raises me a
 mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD and GOD brings me the
 girl He has for me now. Thank You."

 Jason, 30, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Prayer Request:

"Please pray for me for God to help me with the car wreck and insurance
 situation, God will bless me more than before through this situation!
 Praise God! Pray for God to heal me physically and to heal and restore
 my friendship with Brittany and for God to help her in all her needs
 especially to set her free from bipolarism, I know HE can! and for God to
 set her on fire for the Lord please. Pray for God to help my mother
 find a great job and set her on fire for the Lord"

 Ed, Oklahoma, OK
Prayer Request:

Dear Friends,
"Please pray for Malachi who is a seven year old boy with cancer. His 
cancer was in remission for a year and a half after having a bone marrow 
transplant but now it is back and very bad. He has had to take chemo 
treatments this week. He will have two weeks before beginning treatments 
again, however, it is very possible that he will grow weaker and need 
blood transfusions during this time.  Thank you!!   Ed"
 Phil, 35 years old, Torrance, CA 

Prayer Request:

"Please pray GOD gives me all the desires of my heart that are righteous 
in GOD's eyes, GOD sends me on the mission He has for me now, raises me a 
mile above those used by Satan to glorify GOD and GOD brings me the 
girl He has for me now.  Thank You"

Khatuna, 30, Tbilisi,Georgia

Prayer Request:
"I would like prayer for my marriage with my boyfriend. 
I am dating him for a year and I would 
like to marry him if there is Gods will for this.

His Will will be done in all matters of my life and I ask Jesus with 
all my heart to bless this union. To provide me with guidance and care. 
He knows how much I love him, He knows how much I want to have a family 
and husband. And I know everything has time in my life and He has a 
plan for my life.

Please ask Jesus to bless me (my name is Khatuna) and George. I abide 
Him in every matter of my life. "

In Jesus name

 Ted, 28, Avondale, Az

Prayer Request:
"i need prayer so that i wont sin .. so i can be like Jesus ..... just 
as it says in the bible "" if there is anyone you want to be, be like 

and for my dad who is sick.....(cancer)

and for my family so that we may come closer to God"

 Mona, 37 years old 

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